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15 The Devil


The Fool starts moving forward again but who should he run into but The Devil. He thought he had it all figured out, but The Devil brings negativity and additions. The Fool was not prepared for this because he is still chained to some of his emotional, physical, and financial issues. He needs to stop and look at what might be holding him back and what can no longer serve him.
This limiting belief is where we get lost sometimes. The Devil card, which is sometimes called Temptation, comes when we least expect it. Holding onto the past can be seen when we are too much into the mundane and forget our spiritual side. Just like yin and yang we have the dark and light sides of us. The Devil card tells us to look at what is sitting on the back burner. Hopelessness, being around negative people and excessive materialism are all signs of us neglecting our spirituality.



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