There is a lot of information on chakras. Here I will give you some basics to learn from. If you want to learn more then, please research but remember to keep it simple. Too much can take away from what you are trying to accomplish.

Chakras are energy centers that flow in circular patterns and each form a funnel. They are in the cross lines throughout your entire body. Some say that there are only seven, but these are the main chakras. They are located in six areas just in front of your spine and are horizontal. The seventh is located in the top of your head and that one is vertical. Each chakra contains lots of information and energy and it is up to you to learn how to use it.

Chakras can be opened or closed. It is not good to totally shut them off or totally open them without knowing what you are doing. Feel them open and close gently until you have mastered how to use them.

You have to learn to listen to your body and spirit and learn to control your energy centers. Our feet also have energy centers which can be easier to learn first. Walking bare foot and visualizing growing roots and then letting go of negative energies and then pulling up positive energies from Mother Earth can benefit us greatly. We often did this as children even though most of us don’t remember. We need this more as adults because of all the mundane things that we put up with every day and we don’t want to keep any negative energy because this can make us spiritually, mentally, and physically ill.

Chakras are usually associated with their own color. I will outline these but please remember, as with anything do what works for you. Don’t limit yourself. When we set limits, we are creating a stopping point and we want to go on past the goal that we have set for ourselves, not stop before we get there.

1) Base or Root Chakra

It can be red and is located at the base of your spine around your testicles or ovaries.

It oversees: Earth, grounding, survival, life, immune system, reproductive system, our fears and past talents.

When this is disrupted, we can experience: impulsiveness, recklessness, possessiveness, insecurities, obsessions, hyperactivity, or immune problems.

2) Sacral or Navel Chakra

It can be orange and is located just below your navel in the abdominal area.

It is in charge of creativity, emotions, passion, sexuality intuition, digestion, kidneys, bladder, pancreas, and detoxification.

When this is disrupted, we can experience: loss of self, uncaring, vanity, advanced aging, and loss of vitality.

3) Solar Plexus Chakra

Its color can be yellow and is located just above the navel area around the solar plexus.

It is in charge of personal power, astral projection, emotions, memory, stomach, and upper digestion.

When this is disrupted, we can experience: rage, isolation, deprivation, and judgmental behaviors.

4) Heart Chakra

Its color can be green and is located by your heart.

It oversees spiritual and physical life, your soul, love, harmony, peace, thymus gland, right brain, and circulatory. It oversees the higher chakras, which lets us grow spiritually.

When this is disrupted, we can experience: self-doubt, mistrustfulness, cold attitude, and asthma.

5) Throat Chakra

Its color can be blue. It is located in the throat area.

It is in charge of communication, creativity, inner voice, psychic abilities, and the throat.

When this is disrupted, we can experience: obesity, authority issues, cowering and being neurotic.

6) Third eye or Brow Chakra

Its color can be purple. It is located in the center of your forehead.

It is in charge of balancing brain functions, endocrine and immune system, ears, eyes, sinuses, visualization, imagination, wisdom, perception, spirituality, visions, psychic abilities.

When this is disrupted, we can experience: hallucinations, delusions, sleep deficit, hormone issues, worrying, oversensitive impatience, fear, and forgetfulness.

7) Crown or Top Chakra

Its color can be white. It is located at the top of your head, and it is the only one that runs vertically.

It oversees: Ethral connection, channeling, spiritual energies, consciousness, inner and outer balance, and our higher self.

When this is disrupted, we can experience: stagnation, depression, low self-image, and a need for sympathy.



Get into a comfortable position and make sure that you will not be interrupted.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself walking through a wooded area full of plants, trees, and flowers. Look at the colors of the flowers. There is every color imaginable. At the beginning of a pathway, you see an archway that is very enticing. Walk over to it and go through the entrance. You feel a stirring below at the base of your spine. All the flowers turn a beautiful shade of red. You feel yourself open up to them, absorbing their essence automatically feeling stronger.

As you continue walking, feel the colors changing and aligning your chakras. Let yourself open up to these stirrings. Each bouquet of flowers turn the appropriate chakra to their vibrational healing.

Another stirring happens just below your navel area and the next bunch of flowers turn a wonderful orange color. Their smell flows through your nostrils. It is very cleansing and uplifting.

With the stirring just above your navel area the flowers now turn a warming shade of yellow. As beautiful as the rising sun on a spring morning, it fills you with a sense of power that is enriching.

The next stirring is in your heart and the flowers glow with a green color that exudes a feeling of healing. You feel like you did the first time you fell in love. You feel the opening of your pathways both physically and spiritually.

You go to the blue flowers and your throat begins to stir. They seem to sing to you, telling quiet little secrets that your inner being is familiar with. Listen while your inner voice becomes attuned with their song.

Over at the next section is a vibrating purple array of flowers that stirs your third eye. Knowing's seems to just flow to you. You have been here before and you feel the familiarity with the knowing. Listen to what they have to say.

The white flowers seem to come to you and float above your head. They extend from the top of your head and float into the Ethral. Let yourself ascend with the flowers and look at the beautiful array of colors at your feet. You can feel your chakras automatically aligning themselves and you feel serene, weightless, and exuberant.

Lower yourself down and begin to walk back through the flowers. You can feel your chakra points calming down and adjusting themselves.

Slowly open your eyes and feel the balance within. You feel at peace within yourself.


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