Years ago, we needed some help and didn't want anyone to be able to use the same spirits as we did. So, we created our own. Try these if you would like. They are amazing with their help.
Eyewren represents Spirit and is also a dragon but is both female & male. Eyewren's wings and tail are multicolored feathers which can turn invisible while carrying wishes from among many different dimensions. Eyewren can meta morph as needed and has enhanced hearing.
We celebrate the existence of Eyewren during Beltain, because Eyewren represents the metamorphism that each of us go through during this season. Colors come shining through to brighten spirits and lend each of us energies that Father Sky is radiating from up above giving us healing rays as Mother Earth joins with him to do the same from below.
Messachi represents the direction of Air and is a cat with winged ankles and shoulders to carry familiars to witches who put out the call. She is a helper of Bast caring for each of the familiars that come to her to lend their help for us.
We celebrate the existence of Messachi during Ostara, because Messachi represents the balance that we each need to bring into our lives on a day-to-day basis. Slowly more light will shine through bringing us much needed TLC.
Hourus represents the direction of Fire and is a spider with a scorpion’s tail and a praying mantis’s head. He ingests positive and negative energies, transmuting the black and white into different shades of gray energy, making a third yet equal balance of the three. With his tail he can neutralize one’s life path. When the recipient won’t choose a path, he makes them pick whether they like it or not.
We celebrate the existence of Hourus during Litha, because Hourus represents new and fresh ideas as well as paths. Harvesting the knowledge that he planted for us just as we are now harvesting what we planted before.
Kawini represents the direction of Water and is an octopus with leach like tentacles. He absorbs chaos and expels it in an ink that dissipates leaving clarity in its wake. Calling Kawini is always good when things are not clear or are very chaotic, dissipating all till the waters are clear again.
We celebrate the existence of Kawini during Imbolc, because Kawini represents a clearing of negativity so that we can start fresh with new beginnings, just as the snow is melting to make room for Mother Earth and Father Sky to bring in new plant life as the warming begins.
Amirah represents the direction of Earth and is a green bear with a unicorn type of horn. Her breath is healing, and her hugs are grounding which is a great beginning for us when we want to meditate and/or ground. Feel her gentleness exude as you absorb her healing nature.
We celebrate the existence of Amirah during Yule, because Amirah represents the rest that Mother Earth needs now, Amirah rests in her cave, while Mother Earth sleeps beneath the snow and hardened ground. Each saving up energies, and freely giving it when we need them.
Dawaki represents the direction of water and is a monkey who has wings, frog legs with seven toes, a chameleon bubble, a tail with arrowhead razorblades, and one triangle shaped eye that blinks sideways. She steals footballs because she likes to play with them but she in turn teaches us balance.
We celebrate the existence of Dawaki during Mabon, because Dawaki represents the balance that we each need in our lives. She may have the legs of a frog but still has the balance of the monkey to show us how to balance all we have to handle.
Kawashu represents the direction of fire and has a kangaroo body, wolf type head with a peacock's beautiful male tail. He is a bringer of good fortune and abundance and uses the blessing dust that he carries in his pouch to help ease our fears.
We celebrate the existence of Kawashu during Lughnasdh, because Kawashu represents the balance of earth and life. Just as we need to sustain our bodies, we apply knowledge to our spirit.
Jemeera is a muse of inspiration. She is small and can sit on your shoulders, has wings that sing the songs of the fairies and helps you to look beyond what is of the mundane and to open your mind's eye. She can’t talk but does emit feelings of courage, imagination, and strength in order to help you on your path of learning or to help with the mundane. When needed just call to her:
“Jemeera I need and call to you
Help me reach beyond and through
Open my mind's eye for me to see
Let the energies flow and come through me”
Miran is a protection gargoyle with a phoenix head, small ears, long wavy horns (that he can shoot lighting out of), black beady eyes and a third eye that is invisible until needed and the pupil has the Deithean symbol in the center.
He has two top tongues (left one shoots fire and the right one shoots acid), which lay on the major one that can paralyze. He has horns on his elbows, charcoal colored skin, which is scaly looking but slightly rough to the touch with 6 fingers on his left hand and 5 on the right and no fingernails but shapes into cone like talons.
He is 7’ 8” with a wingspan (tip to tip) of 20 feet and iridescent glitter seems to flow from his wings when he flies. His legs are massive like a dragon, his weight is void here in this realm, but he cannot be picked up and masses pass through him.
He is very intelligent, can access the Hall of Records, is telepathic, multilingual, likes to smoke a peace pipe, purrs and is ticklish. His favorite snack is miniature marshmallows, he likes all music but really loves the Big Band Era and when it comes on, he makes a yellow 3-piece Zoot suit appear with black pinstripes and wingtip shoes.
He is the one to call for help and protection or just to hang out with.
F - Winter Solstice/Yule - earth
F - Imbolc - earth
M - Spring Equinox/Ostara - air
M - Beltain – air
M – Summer Solstice/Litha - fire
M - Lughnasdh – fire
F - Fall Equinox/Mabon – water
M – Samhain – water
F -- Amirah - earth
M - Kawini - water
F -- Messachi - air
B -- Eyewren - spirit
M - Hourus - fire
M - Kawashu - fire
F -- Dawaki - water
N -- EMDHKA - all
*M = male                   F = female         
N = neither          B = both


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