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0 The Fools Journey

The Fool’s Journey (0) is a story of where we are on our journey and/or where we will be in the near future. The 22 Major Arcana represents stages in our lives, lessons that have an impact on us, and moments that can change our paths. The Fool’s Journey is a metaphor for us throughout life.
The Fool (0) starts on a new journey. He is eager about what may come but he has no experience yet and does not know what is ahead of him. This is the beginning of his travels (with his blanket stick for the new beginning), and he is open to what may come and excited. But does he see the cliff just ahead of him?
His journey is broken up in three stages of the Major Arcana. 1-7 is personal, 8-14 is the world, and 15-21 is the universe. Each number is on the cards starting with the Fool as 0.
When you draw the fool, it means something new is about to begin. If you draw 1-7 it could include someone near you. If you draw 8-14 it can mean you might have to deal with bigger issues. And lastly if you draw 15-21 it could mean you will get a better understanding of where you are in your life.
Sometimes the card can be reversed (upside down). If you get this, for The Fool, this could mean you need to do shadow work or even something is holding you back. Look at the cards nearby and release yourself from this blockage.
Number 1 is the beginning and 21 is the end but they always start back at 1 because life is an infinite event. Another way to look at it is that a major arcana is the noun, and the minor arcana is the verb.
As he starts his journey (Looking like he is not paying attention), he is very naive but, as he progresses (white rose of purity and the white dog for his new journey), he gains life lessons and by the end of his journey he has gained wisdom and is anything but a Fool.
His journey is a representation of where we are in our lives and how we can gain the wisdom to live a full life.

01 The Magician

The Fool starts out on his journey and meets the Magician. The Magician represents action, creativity, and the masculine side of life. His is of our conscious awareness.
His one hand points to the sky while the other hand points to the ground. He is the bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms while he manifests to the physical realm. This is where we learn that we can manifest things into this realm. His white robe symbolizes purity, where is red cloak symbolizes experience and knowledge. On the table he has the suits which symbolize the elements. These are his tools for manifesting. Above his head is the figure 8 which symbolizes infinity, the snake on the ground is for unlimited potential and the flowers are for aspiration.
The Fool learns that these tools can help him to manifest his desires and wishes. We can do the same thing by getting clear headed about the what’s and why’s, and then use the tools to manifest our desires. Just remember the mental (air), spiritual (fire), emotional (water), and physical (earth).

02 The High Priestess

As he begins his travels, he also meets The High Priestess. The High Priestess represents inner wisdom, the unconscious mind, and the feminine side of life. She is of our super subconscious awareness.
The pomegranates represent abundance in spiritual enlightenment from the divine feminine. She holds a scroll which has the letters TORA on it which represents the spiritual law she follows. There is also a crescent moon at her feet and on her crown which is in alignment with her feminine spirituality and matriarchically rule.
The Magician (1) and The High Priestess (2) shows The Fool how he needs balance in his life. By using the physical and spiritual he can learn this balance. If these cards are showing up in your life it is time for you to pay attention and utilize what they are showing you and learn the lessons The High Priestess is showing you. Try meditating, journaling, and find the balance you need in your life.

03 The Empress

The Empress is often seen as Mother Nature. She represents abundance, fertility, and nurturing. Just as a baby reveals in his mother's touch, so does The Fool.
He learned from The High Priestess balance and what he wants out of life and now The Empress teaches him how to take action and how to manifest what he truly needs. He learns of Mother Nature and how she surrounds us with love and support. She nurtures with abundance, sensations, prosperity and how to manifest our dreams.
By using balance, we can learn and manifest our surroundings by using what is all around us in everyday life. We can delight in all our senses and receive the love of our Mother Nature through The Empress who is always with us. Providing what we need in order to live a more substantial life.

04 The Emperor

The Fool then meets The Emperor who is more of a fatherly figure. He represents structure, authority, and maturity. He is the compliment of The Empress.
The Fool now needs to learn that there are rules and there are ways of doing things, for the most part, of the mundane traditions of life. There are disciplines which will help him get to where he is going and there are also authority figures who enforce rules which everyone goes by.
Here again from The Fool and we learn balance. Where The Empress teaches manifesting dreams, The Emperor teaches discipline and boundaries. From him we also can learn how boundaries help us see when not to walk off of the cliff and to pay attention to our surroundings. It is not always about what we want but what we need to live and how to help those around us.

05 The Hierophant

Now he has learned balance he ventures off to find new teachers when he meets the Hierophant. He has been exposed to different types of beliefs, but he was to learn a more structed way of life and The Hierophant can help with hidden knowledge and mysteries. This is a time of new initiations.
We can learn with an open mind and apply these mysteries into our daily lives. Although we see religious symbology around him, this can be applied to all different aspects of our lives. See what types of ignitions may come into your life.

06 The Lovers

As he meets The Lovers, he finds that he wants to have a relationship. He wants to be half of a union but he also needs to decide his own beliefs so he can be true to himself. Learning what he believes will help make him balanced so he can enter into a union, just as he sees The Lovers.
We come upon many challenges in life just as The Fool has and we need to make choices. Choices which will help balance us. We have to be true to ourselves or when we find that union, whether it is romantic or platonic, we will never truly find the balance in our lives. Take time to find you.

07 The Chariot

The Fool has now entered into adulthood although he has that youthful pride. but he now has strong characteristics and a little mastery over himself. He is filled with ego yet has some discipline and the resolve to control his surrounding environment.
The Chariot represents his ego which is present in his early adulthood, because he thinks he knows it all now but there are rocky times ahead.
Just as The Fool is all fired up, now is the time to go for what you want. Although there may be challenges just stay focused and stay in control of yourself. Find your center and stay focused and you will succeed.

08 Strength

Life has now presented The Fool with some challenges which are proving to be anguish which has hasn’t had deal with before. He has to learn to stand his ground and keep focused no matter what the setbacks are.
He thought he was in control of everything but now he has to learn to gather the strength he has inside of himself and approach these experiences with a softer touch.
This is our time to be brave, focused, and strong. Sometimes it shows up reminding us to forgive others and maybe ourselves as well. Stay calm, focused and be brave.

09 The Hermit

By this time The Fool has learned so much that he needs time to reflect and absorb all the knowledge he has learned so he becomes The Hermit. He starts to look inward, and he begins to understand that all things are connected and divinely planned by the Universe. Society seems so frantic but now is the time he needs to learn his feelings and motivations.
We also need time to reflect on the things around us. Whether it is a situation, issue, or people. It may be an inner turmoil which we need to deep dive into. Use this time wisely and look deep inside and reflect on what is bothering you.

10 The Wheel of Fortune

After much reflection The Fool understands how all things are connected. He sees how the Universe has intricate patterns which all flow together. We have freewill but fate and destiny are also intertwined in our lives. He now sees things from a wider perspective and his sense of purpose is restored.
This is a time where we can step back and look at the grand scheme of things. See how The Wheel of Fortune flows through our lives and what our purposes in this life are. Look deep and see if we are on the right path and to understand how The Wheel of Fortune, fate, and destiny all plays a part in our lives.


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