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   I have had a lot of changes lately and it has been quite interesting. When we know change is coming there are ways of preparing. Most of the time I envision what I think might occur during that time and how things will turn out. I don’t know why I do that. It never comes out the way that I think. The outcome might, but there will be some changes, you can be sure of that! 

            Recently I have had a serious life change. I had been preparing for over a year. I tried not to see too much into things, but as we all know it is extremely hard not to do that. I do my best to take things as they come. Go with the flow, as ‘they’ say. Well, I don’t know who ‘they’ are, but ‘they’ are a lot better at it than I am. 

            I try to constantly work on myself. Finding little things, I would like to change to make me a better person for myself. It is not really others I am worried about, but I do think of that also and that is usually what gets me into trouble. Listening to others can be a good thing but you must listen to your inner self. 

            I used to have a friend who I valued their opinion. Then I found myself being depressed and worried all the time, almost paranoid. The more upset I got the more my friend tried to help. Things were going wrong all the time. I did not understand what was going on. I was thinking all kinds of crazy things and I knew that I was not normally like that. I finally realized I was picking up her emotions. It was not me. So, I had to change the way I was thinking and find my center again.

            Life has thrown a lot at us lately. A few have gone with the flow but there are others who are totally against the changes. They have fought since day one. We must learn to be flexible. Fighting for a good purpose is commendable but fighting against those who are trying to keep us safe and healthy…really?

            Everyone keeps waiting till we get to go back to the way it was before. Not sure that will happen. Not sure it should happen. I don’t like wearing masks but if it helps to keep people safe then so be it. Even if it is just a reminder to help keep the environment and ourselves a little cleaner. 

Change is here. Things are different and not just the way we have to be in public. People’s minds are opening up more and more. People are getting curious about what all is out there. Are we alone? Do our ancestors help us in life? What happens when we die?

These are all good questions and there are many more. Change is here. Embrace it and find out what all change can do.




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