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Go with What You Know

You have heard people say things like 'go with what you know', 'do what feels right', or even 'do your own thing'. All these things are true. Even when it doesn't feel like you have the answers you really do, you just need to find a way to let them come to the surface. How many times have you had a thought and then dismissed it? Then, later say something like 'I should have listened to myself'?

It takes time and practice, but you can do it. Start listening to yourself. If a passing thought comes to you when you pass a table with a glass on it and you think 'I should move that', well then do it. Start with the little things. Pay attention to the little thoughts that don't seem to matter. If you have a little voice telling you to dress in blue today, then do it. If that little voice tells you to stop in the park for a moment, then do it. If that little voice tells you to go and punch Sally in the throat, then don't. If that Sally voice persists, then go seek help because something is wrong.

To bring in the magical side of our lives we need to start with the little things in the mundane. The every day to day things that cause stress and happiness. Personally, I like happiness much better than stress. Stress can bring lots of negativity into our lives and camouflage the things that are most important like peace, spirituality, and happiness.

My meditations

There are times when I meditate, I can go back to a past life, and I see us working together in the fields. Seeing each other throughout the day, doing chores and making food for the evening meals. I miss this feeling. The work was hard but the feeling of being together was more than worth it.

In my childhood, some of the things I miss are the Sunday dinners after church, the music in church, everyone getting together in the evenings to watch the prime time shows together. Everyone huddled together; adults on the couch and in chairs with the kids sitting on the floor or the little ones sitting on someone’s lap. Just spending time together was what it was all about.

Now, everyone is in their own rooms, watching TV and staying out of everyone’s way. They try to get along but never really spend any time with each other. Today people spend more time with their computers and cell phones than they do with the people in their lives. They sit in the same room sending text messages; and sometimes to each other. One room away, and send a message, instead of walking down the hall and talking in person. It is so much easier to send a few words than it is to have a conversation.

People are more concerned with themselves than they are with the ones they love. Everywhere we look, we must be careful of others who might want to hurt us. They are no longer just peeping in windows, but they are intruding everywhere in our lives, without us knowing it. We have to put up firewalls in every aspect of our lives. Are we really paranoid, or is there really someone looking into your life?

Some things have changed so much. How fast we have come to be so far from the ones we love, even when they are right next to us. We have come from reading books and playing out in the yard to the electronic age. Instead of playing hard we now have to make time to exercise.

Instead of sitting down and reading a book, we listen to it on audio while getting to the next place we have to get to. I say this, while I am sitting here on the computer trying to figure out what I want to do next. Should I listen to an audiobook while playing a computer game or watch a TV show while researching on my computer…lol.

What I should do is take the time to mediate. Stop, sit down, and listen to the sounds in the house. Listen to the kids playing their chasing games, my daughter watching her show while cooking dinner and doing laundry. Listen to the sounds of the house and what everyone is doing. Let those sounds drift together and see where it takes me. Will it take me to another time and place or just let me feel the love which resides within these walls?

When was the last time you meditated? Did you know that daydreaming is also a form of meditation? There are more ways than just doing deep breathing exercises.

Find what works for you

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