How to Write a Spell/Incantation Basics

Sympathetic - Using deity statues/representations to act out a great hunt to ensure a great hunting trip.
Poem – Writing a poem about what you want to accomplish.
Traditional – Performing a full circle and ritual.
Old school deep ritualistic – A full traditional circle and ritual which can take several days and if there is one misstep it must be started all over again.
Rhyming – Writing an incantation/spell which rhymes gives it power and energy flow. It also makes it easier to remember.
Wish – Wishing or manifesting something to become a real thing.
Candle – The main focus is the candle and flame. Often coated with EVO oil and rolled in herbs and/or glitter.
Herbal – Herbs which have been harvested, often dried, and sprinkled in a cauldron while saying the spell/incantation.
Deities (Gods/desses) – one or more, your call
Ancestors – loved one/s who have crossed over which you are doing the spell/incantation for.
Ancients – Spirits which have been here since the beginning of time.
Elders – Spirits which have been ordained and/or who are council.
Spirit Guides – Your personal spirit guide who has been with you since before you were born and will stay with you throughout your crossing back over.
Animal Guides – Animal/s who are with you guiding your life.
Elements – Directions – Quarters – Gateways – Portals (whichever you decide to call them).
Elementals – Spirits of the Elements
A Formula I made up:
When saying it, say it like you KNOW that it is true because your intent is your strongest tool.
Call _________.
State what you need.
Give more clarity.
Thank them for what will be done.
So shall it be!
You can use candles, sage, herbs, quartz crystals, gems, minerals, etc…
Make it as intricate or as simple as you like.


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