Gateways of the Witches Pyramid

To Know                East                        Air is your Knowing
Build your foundation and learn knowledge for your goal, so you can apply the wisdom to achieve your goal.
To Will                   South                     Fire is your Will
Learn to visualize your goal; see it happening and this applied with knowledge will help you to achieve your goal.
To Dare                 West                       Water is your Dare
Learn to believe in yourself for your goal, because you have the knowledge and will, that will help you to achieve your goal.
To Keep Silent                     North                      Earth is your Silence
Learn to know when to keep silent for your goal, by not letting yourself brag, you will save energies, and then you can let your knowledge, will and faith flow to achieve your goal.

To Go                     Spirit                       Center is your To Go
When you achieve Center, your Spirit can guide you on your life path goals.
Others may come to you for help with their Pathways and then,
you can help by applying your wisdom and spirit knowledge for them to achieve their goal.


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