The 8 Clair's

We all have gifts. It’s whether or not we choose to hone in on them. Some choose to ignore these or even call them an instinct or gut feeling. Whatever we choose to call them, the more you use it, the stronger they get.
Yes, some people are stronger than others, but this is true about anything else. Some people are great cooks, mechanics, strategists, artists and so on. Some come by this naturally and others go to school for their choices. Either way, the more you practice the better you will get. Keep an open mind and listen to that little voice inside of you.
The word Clair is French for Clear.

There are basically 8 Clair's:
               Clairsentient – Smell; Smelling someone’s perfume or cologne, the smell of someone cooking, or the smell of tobacco. These are just a few but they are only there for a few moments and that person may pop into your head.
               Clairgustance – Taste; You could be doing a reading and the taste of blood will come into your mouth, or the taste of your loved one's favorite food.
               Clairaudience – Hearing; Hearing your name called when no one is around, while doing a reading you hear someone’s name, or hearing a message inside your head.
               Clairsentience - Intuition; This is that gut feeling people get. There are many who use it and do not realize what they are doing. Parents, police, doctors and so on.
               Clairtangency (psychometry) – Touch; This is the art of receiving messages by touching an object. You may be able to tell where this object comes from, how it was passed down, or even be able to read metals. It comes in great for being able to know where the object comes from.
               Clairempathy – Emotions; This is being able to feel the emotions of others, not just one on one, but by distance. You may even feel an event before it happens.
               Claircognizant – Knowing; Have you ever felt like something was going to happen? Have you ever just known information and didn’t know how you knew it? This is spirit sending messages and guiding you, like a mother's intuition.
               Clairvoyant – Vision; In your mind’s eye you may see something from the past or future. You may have visions during meditation or even while dreaming.


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