Talismans & Wards


Some people use the words amulet and talisman as interchangeable. They are not.
A crystal on a cord or chain can be an amulet. Amulets ward off negative energies, dark spirits, and illnesses. Natural amulets are precious stones, teeth, claws, metals, bones, minerals, plants, and so on.
Draw or inscribe a symbol on a crystal and it becomes a talisman. Talismans give more power to those who wear them. Talismans can be broken down into three different categories: those carried or worn on the body, talismans hung above or on the bed or doorways (usually the front door), and those used for medical purposes.
A talisman can be inscribed with religious and/or magical powers for protection, healing, or even to harm someone. They are usually portable but can also be a tattoo, on a building, or wherever needed. When it is completed, do a blessing over it and recharge it frequently. I like to do mine during the full moon.
I have even made them into little dolls. I used a child’s glove from the Dollar Tree. Pushed the thumb in for an instant pocket and used it for a blessing, spell, and/or crystal. Filled the inside with appropriate herbs and stones, sewed the bottom together, and then decorated the outside. I did one for a child who was having issues with a ghost and turned it into a blessing doll of protection. The mom said he carried it everywhere, including to bed, and no more problems.
Talismans can be made out of just about anything. But choose wisely. You don’t want to choose orange calcite to get rid of negativity because orange is an attraction color. Black tourmaline, obsidian, or hematite would be best for this. Then you would want to choose a sigil, symbol, or design which would give your intent more power. Lastly is where to put it. If it is for you then you could wear it or carry it with you. If it is for your home then you might want to put it in the room that it’s needed for, by the hearth, or in the middle of your home. Pick which one works best for you.
If it is for your home, then you might want to place a ward up. Wards can be done very easily by sprinkling salt across your doorways and windowsills. Windchimes outside around your house are the easiest, I think. Unless you want to make them yourself and I think that is the fun part. As you make them use your instinct and intent. These are your most valuable tools while doing this.
Another way is to draw your designs, sigils, or symbols onto paper and bury them in the corners of your house or property. I live in an apartment, so I have a white lion by my front door and windchimes outback on the patio.
I use chalk to draw symbols on the inside of the front door and sometimes on the walls. If you are getting ready to paint, then you could do this before you paint and then paint over them thereby sealing the wards in the walls.
It is suggested that you recharge your walls of protection about every 6 months. When I am out talking to the Goddess on the full moon, I usually ask her to recharge them. I lose time so I like to do it every full moon.
My kids (who are grown) were complaining that the ghost’s upstairs were freaking them out. So, I made them mojo bags to hand on their doors. I used to cloth bags I had, filled them with herbs, stones, and rice, and tied them with a pretty bow. I asked for the spirits not to come into their rooms. I told my kids what to do and so far, no problems anymore. Use what you have if you can. I don’t banish spirits unless they are causing problems. Well, first I ask them to leave and then if they don’t cooperate, then I banish them. Usually, they just go.
Years ago, there was a couple who had just bought a house and were afraid because there was something written above the front door which was no in English. I had them send me a picture (if I am remembering correctly, I could have just written it down). It was in Latin, and it was a blessing for the home. This made them feel much better.
When you make these things, it is suggested that you do not tell others what they mean. If other people know what the object is meant for then they might try to take it for themselves or send negative feelings toward it. So just keep it to yourself.




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