Spirit Guide Lesson

There are many types of spirit guides. One is with you your entire life. They are there with you for everything. Whereas some spirit guides are with you when they are needed and then go on. So, know that you are never alone. There is always at least one with you at all times. They can help keep you safe, guide you in all areas of your life.
There are many labels we use such as Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels and Guides, Goddesses, Gods, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Enlightened Beings, Ancestors, Elders, Spirit Animals, Elemental Energies, Mystical beings, the Earth Mother, Father Sky, trees, mountains, rocks, or bodies of water. Anything with energy can communicate impressions, feelings, thoughts, healing, and so on. Remember that things like labels, distance, time, and so on, are man-made things. Spirits don’t use these terms.
Call on them as you need. They can multilocation and do all the time. Never fear that you are bothering them, or your question or situation is bothering them. This is why they exist. To help and guide us when and where needed.
Here are some descriptions of a few:
Archangels are powerful, very large energy signatures. If you're an empath or are sensitive to energy, when you call on an Archangel you might feel an energy shift in the room. Each Archangel has a specialty, like Archangel Raphael's specialty of healing.
Guardian angels
Guardian angels devote themselves to helping you. Call on them anytime for immediate assistance. They love you unconditionally, forever. Remember that angels are nondenominational and work with people of all faiths and spiritual beliefs.
Spirit animals
Spirit animals can be any animal that has something to teach you, like the peacock teaching you the importance of beauty or the wolf showing you the importance of survival needs. Spirit animals could show up in a dream, in your backyard, or on a cup. Don’t approach with a human point of view.
Think Like the Animal. Learn about its living situation and behaviors. Research and get familiar with how they move through their environment, how they hunt and eat, what skills they have, and how they can help you shift and evolve. Become familiar with them and use your intuition just as they do with each other.
Ascended masters
Ascended masters like Buddha and Mary were once human and lived very deep paths of spiritual growth and influence for themselves and those around them. They are now spirit guides and teachers for us to help us on our paths, no matter what path we are on.
Support angels
Support angels are those who help us when we need it. They are not around all the time but are there for us when we need them. We can call on them anytime and/or they may just show up to assist us when we need them most.
Our loved ones
I am often asked if our loved ones, who have passed, can be our spirit guides. I once heard a scenario which said that we are all students of this life in various physical forms of energies. When our loved one's pass, they shed the physical form. They become teacher assistants and the spirit guides are the tenured professors. All of us are forms of energy and we all assist each other. We all have different and similar gifts assisting, guiding, and teaching.
Spirit guide communication
Spirit guides send us signs to let us know they are with us and/or messages which can help us. An overheard conversation, a song on the radio or the overhead, or a literal sign by the road, are just a few ways they send messages to us.
Another way is through dreams. Call to them just before you go to sleep. Ask them for help or even just to talk to your spirit guide. They just might show you.
When you're frustrated about a situation, confused about the best next step, or feeling that you don't have enough control, surrender an issue over to your guides. Even if it's just to give yourself a little break. This can allow fresh insights to come to you as well as let your guides have more freedom to do their thing and help.
Have a relationship with our spirit guides. Our lives get busy in today's rushing, social media, and friends and family relationships, but we make time. So, make time for spiritual communications. It can be done while we are doing physical things such as washing dishes, playing an easy game, taking a shower, and so on. Try using a form of divination. Tarot, oracle, runes, pendulums, and so many more are a great way to talk to our spirit guide. Cleanse them, smudge them, call for protection, do the reading and then write it all down so you can come back later.
The most well-known ways are meditation and journaling. Both of these are great ways of communicating. They can also be done together. There are many ways of mediation. Besides going to classes, online has many listed for free and for paid sites.
Journaling is very important because later we can go back and read what we wrote to see if there was something we forgot about, for confirmation, or missed the first time or two. While journaling we can also write our spirit guide a letter and pay attention to messages which will appear.
We like to have names for things, and this also goes for our spirit guides. They really don’t care what we see them as or what name they might go by as long as we have communication. Just give them a name. It could be one that just came to you during meditation or sometime during the day. It could be a favorite name or one you make up. Assign it to them, write it down in your journal and talk to them as often as you would like.
Just researching spirit guides will help increase your communication with them. Look for experts and information that resonates with you and is positive, empowering, and healing. Attend a workshop, take an online class, or read a book about spirit guides, like one of Ted Andrews books for example. Your guides will be excited to know they have your attention!
As we watch for signs they will appear more and more. Write it down, call to them aloud, or even just talk to them in your head. Whatever feels right to you. We just need to be open and pay attention.
Here are a few common problems almost everyone faces:
So, you’re new to spiritual work. Learn to relax your mind, through daily meditation, hold onto your patience and keep your expectations realistic. You can also practice heightening all your senses and increasing your awareness. Don’t constantly be on the lookout, but instead open the channels of your receptiveness.
You attract what’s around you. Is your home a big pile of clutter with random objects lost in the fray? Is your desk visible under those stacks? The state of your affairs can reflect your heart. This is why space clearing is so important in Feng Shui. Clean space, clean spirit!
Do you need an astral two-by-four? Give it to your spirit guide, pay attention, and form a bond with your sprit guide. Nothing ever comes the way you think it will. For you highest good. See the end goal and beyond. It might be something big or small, either way it will come as it needs to. Not what you expect. Once you connect with your guides, you’ll realize that the sign and the journey with the spirits is what matters.
Impatience does no one any good. It makes us physically sick. Have faith in your spirit guide to do what you need, not what is expected. They know what you need.
Drama and Chaos
Drama and Chaos in our lives does no good. All that negativity is exhausting and closes us off and leaves us unfocused. Ask your spirit guide or Archangel Michael to sever those negative energies.
We are energy, and food is energy for us, so it is vital you pay attention to the vibrations of foods. When you eat foods that have a high and rapid vibration, you are more able to hold a strong, healthy, vibrational state. In contrast, you eat foods of a slower, lower frequency, you lower your vibrations and wonder why you don’t feel well. Each of us has a signature vibration, The food you absorb contributes to that vibration. Here are a few foods we should stay away from:
GMOs, food that’s been treated with chemicals and pesticides, white rice and flours, sugars and sweeteners, sodas, alcohols, processed, packaged, canned, and fast foods, unhealthy oils, pasteurized dairy, deep fried and microwaved foods.
Our egos can be our biggest downfall. The doubts and second-guessing stand in our way. It is loud and debilitating, making us overanalyze what is going on. We need to just shut that voice down and listen to the soft voice in the back of our heads. That is the one which will give us the focus and clarity we need.
It takes a minute but listen to that soft voice, stay strong and focused, and learn to communicate with your spirit guide. You will be amazed.


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