2023 5 29 Class reading

Reversed Reading

I pulled these cards two weeks ago and now we are going to see how they played out. This can be done at any time and with any question you would like answered. Have fun with it.



rejection of the path of fulfillment, refusal of the call

The Dream Thief is a soft and compel­ ling seductress. Her only purpose is to keep you hypnotized by comfort and sameness. She wants you to tell your old stories over and over, so you don't evolve beyond them. Ask yourself whether you are reverting back to the familiarity of your origin story of why you were wounded or when you were rejected. Do you talk about how your family molded you as a child without also acknowledging that you've already become someone else?
Teaching from an old wound will never allow you a new adventure. Instead, bring to mind how you've already changed, remember­ing that you have new stories to rely and build upon. Do you want to move beyond the barrier of glass you've placed between you and the horizon? You can, and it's not difficult. Answer the call to a new adventure and drop your resistance to sailing the uncharted seas of your potential. The wind will soothe and sing the Dream Thief to sleep so you can wake up and move forward.
You are so much more than you know. Now it's time to express what has lain dormant. Your new adventure has already begun. 



transformation, opportunity, independence from conditioned responses

The energy of Cat-erpillar appears, heralding a time of transformation and opportunity. Here you are being asked to revise your dreams. If it looks and smells familiar, step away from it for the time being. The new cannot emerge from the old, and the youthful and vital cannot emerge from the aged and sickly. Experiment and surprise yourself with what arises for you in this moment.
Cat-erpillar is an invitation to test out a new strategy to get a different, better result. Remember that the definition of lunacy is continuing with the same thinking and behavior and hoping for a different outcome. It's time to break away from habitual responses, to surprise yourself and startle others, eliciting a smile or frown or look of awe from those around you. Do not wait for an invitation from life to practice a bit of outrageousness or for permission to do the unexpected. Any other response right now will lead to more of the same and no real change.
Sometimes the most original response is no response whatsoever. Stand stock-still, staring steadily into the eyes of the players in your drama, avoiding engagement until the moment is right. Cat-erpillar invites you to witness the story unfolding, knowing that deciding on the timing of your action is as essential as finding the best move to make. And when you do act, let there be no doubt in anyone's mind of your determination and the power you unleash.



good news, caution, herald of change

When the Horseman appears, he is inviting you to spread the good news. Everyone already knows the bad news . . . your task is to point out the beauty when others see only the ugly note the possible, no matter how implausible it may seem. This does not mean becoming giddy or blindly optimistic but rather reminding yourself that every storm cloud has a silver lining.
Become a herald of the positive. Put away the fatalistic attitude, the dire predictions, the dreadful expectations about the world or about your life. Declare the arrival of a new and better you. Proclaim that you have risen from the realms of the dead, woken from a long and dreadful slumber and are back on the world stage-the show is on again.
The Horseman cautions you to not allow your exuberance to become hollow or trivial. Be sure that there is substance to the news you spread, and you are willing to live up to the expectations you raise. The world will welcome you with open arms as you share an uplifting message!
Heed the Horseman when he shows up once, for he bears good news and is announcing a prosperous and peaceful time. When he shows up twice in the same reading, though, use extreme caution. If you heed his warnings, all will turn out well.



limitless possibility, embracing opportunity

When you look up into the velvety dark blanket of the night sky covering the vast expanse of space, can you count all the stars twinkling above? Can you imagine that you are only glimpsing a teeny sliver of what is actually there? This is the domain of limitless possibility, of the never-ending sea of potential that you yourself are made of and have now at your disposal. Your life right now is alive with possibility and needs your clear focus to hone in on what avenue of exploration most calls to you. It's time to choose and not be distracted by the sheer magnitude of what may be.
Be here now. Gather your thoughts and your most cherished dreams. Focus on the brightest star in your never-ending sky and take small steps, small movements, toward calling this glittering potential into reality. If you can imagine this and hold that vision, you will summon all the celestial helpers and guides to aid you in bringing it into fruition. Keep your focus on the essence of potential, rather than the form of it. The Universe has its own ideas of how best to serve you and all of us at the same time. Trust this as fact rather than theory, and you ought not act surprised when your dreams come true. For they surely will, exactly how you need them to.


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