It is said that palm reading began in India although it has also been dated back to the Stone Age, China, Europe, Tibet, Persia, and Greece. It was widespread mostly through the Romani peoples and passed down thru the generations. Because of the witch hunts it was more widely used by men and discussed thru the science of the hands. Although there are several types of palm readings it is not just the lines but the fingers, mounds, and shape of the hands.
There are many famous people who use palmistry such as the Greek philosopher Aristotle who spoke of palmistry in his work. During the 20th century, psychiatrist Carl Jung, among others, took a new interest in palm reading. People who read palms today often combine it with psychology, astrology, and holistic healing. Other methods of divination are also often used, depending on the practitioner.
In Palmistry, the dominant hand reveals opportunities and challenges in your present and future, whereas your nondominant hand reflects your potential and longer-term plans. There are others who perceive the palms differently, but this is what we are going to work with today.
The depth and length of the lines matter. The deeper the lines are the more stable that part of you is. For example: a person with a deep heart line may indicate resilience or strength in emotions whereas if it is fainterthen the person could be more sensitive or vulnerable.
The length of the lines also matters. Such as a person with a short headline may indicate that they have a hard time focusing.
The shape of the hand corresponds to the elements:
Square palm and long fingers
Sociable, talkative, and witty
Can be shallow, spiteful, and cold
Comfortable with the mental and the immaterial
Does things in different and radical ways
Long palm and short fingers
Spontaneous, enthusiastic, and optimistic
Sometimes egoistic, impulsive and insensitive
Do things boldly and instinctively.
Long or oval palm and long fingers
Creative, perceptive, and sympathetic
Can be moody, emotional, and withdrawn.
Do things quietly and intuitively.
Broad, square palm and short fingers
Solid values and energy, sometimes stubborn
Practical and responsible, sometimes materialistic
Work with their hands, comfortable with the physical
There are four major lines, and they are read on your dominant hand:
Heart line
The heart line is the first to be studied in a reading, and it reveals aspects of our emotional state, relationships, as well as our potential to grow as a person. A deep line signifies emotional depth, where a faint lie reveals a very delicate energy field. A consistently broken heart line means relationships (including friendships) are often brief.
Head line
The head line comes next in a palm reading, and it shows how thoughts and logic manifest in our lives and how we approach the world rationally (rather than how we feel about it). A straight head line reveals a more logical approach, where curves hint at creativity. If the head line is faint, it can mean intellect isn't being used to its full potential.
Life line
The life line reveals our life force, with a strong, deep line symbolizing a zest and energy for life. Importantly, It does not reveal how long we will live, whatever its length, but speaks of our passion for life, our pleasure in living, and physical energy. If your life line has breaks or faint areas, you may be lacking enthusiasm for life.
Fate or destiny line
The fate or destiny line usually doesn't appear until a person is in their 20s or 30s, as it deals with purpose and direction in life. A straight line is associated with a relatively straightforward path, whereas a curved line can mean someone will explore different purposes throughout their life.
Understanding the results
There are many nuances that can be observed in one's hands. There are mounds, fingers, thumbs, and many more lines all along each hand. Research and practice as much as you can. Our future is never set in stone. If we don't like what we see during a reading, we always have the free will to do something about it.
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