Oracle Cards

By Barbara Catalano

Oracle cards can be traced back to the 19th century France. Madame Marie Adelaide Lenormand supposedly designed the first deck.
Madame Lenormand was born in 1772 and died 1843 at age 75. She was a French book seller, necromancer, fortune teller, and cartomancer.
Being orphaned at age 5, she was placed in a convent of the Benedictine nuns where she started her prediction. She was moved from convent to convent until age 18. Being famous during the Napoleonic era, she was also very often arrested for fortune telling.
Marie has a long list of published books. All in French.
When she died, she had no immediate family except for a nephew who was in the Army. Being a devout Catholic he burned all of her occult paraphernalia but walked off with her fortune of 500,000 Francs. Which is worth $18,713,061.08 today.
The deck of cards with her name, Petit Lenormand, did not appear until 2 years after her death. It included a collection of 5 books. Several publishers used her name. They were all from foreign countries i.e., Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland, but never France.
It is modeled on a deck of cards published in 1799 called Das Spiel der Hoffnung. The Game of Hope. It is a game of chance designed by Johann Kasperov Herschel. The game was laid out in a grid of 6x6. It had extensive rules to play by and included cards with arrows, coffins, ships, et…
The difference between Oracle and Tarot cards is that Oracle cards are a bit freer flowing. Tarot also have certain rules set and the majority have 78 cards in a deck. Oracle card decks can be any number of cards and content. Each set of cards will have its own energy and meaning. They are said to hold a larger energy. They cover the whole picture of what is happening around you in your life while Tarot is more detailed.
When you purchase your deck, you should do an Interview Spread. This will introduce you to the energy and purpose of this one deck. While shuffling you deck thin of the intention of the pull you are going to be doing. I find it easier to connect with a calm relaxing space and time. Candlelight, if possible, with burning sage. The more open you are the more you will receive.
JOURNAL. Always write down your thoughts and feelings. You could also go back and compare with the guidebook if you have one.
An Oracle card can be pulled before a Tarot reading to set an intention or after to reinforce the interpretation.
The Spreads
Interview Spread:
  1. Share with me about your energy.
  2. What are your strengths?
  3. What will you teach me?
  4. What do you ask of me?
  5. How can I best work with you?
  6. What is the outcome of working together?
  7. What else do you feel I should know about you?
Daily Oracle Spread:
  1. Where should I place my energy?
  2. How can I improve my craft today?
  3. How should I approach today’s obstacles?


Mind Body and Spirit Spread:
  1. Your mind or mental attitude.
  2. Here and now. What is happening physically around you right now?
  3. How the question affects the asker’s spirit if they continue the current path.

Petit Lenormand

Rider (Cavalier/Ritter), Cyclist 
9 of Hearts
Divinatory Meaning
Message, Energy, Passion, Speed, Activity, News, Young Athletic Person

Trefoil (Dreiblatt),
Clover (Klee)
6 of Hawkbells                    (6 of Diamonds)
Luck, Lightheartedness, Small Happiness’s, Opportunity, Being Untroubled, Comedy
Ship (Schiff
Panier of Leaves
(10 of Spades)
Departure, Farewell, Distance, Voyage, Travel, Journey, Adventure, Trading
 House (Haus)
König of Hearts
(King of Hearts)
Departure, Farewell, Distance, Voyage, Travel, Journey, Adventure, Trading
Tree / Trees
(Bäum / Bäume)
7 of Hearts
Home, Establishment, Safety, Tradition, Custom, Privacy, Conservation, 'What is Under your Roof?'
Cloud / Clouds
König of Acorns
(King of Clubs)
Health, Growth, Grounded, Past Connection, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Family/Ancestors.
Snake (Natter)
Obermann of Acorns
(Queen of Clubs)
Confusion, Lack of clarity, Misunderstanding, Insecurity, Doubt, Hidden Secrets
Coffin (Sarg)
9 of Hawkbells
(9 of Diamonds)
Desire, Seduction, Deception, Craving, Attraction, Sexuality, Wisdom, Forbidden Knowledge.
Bouquet (Strauß)
Obermann of Leaves
(Queen of Spades)
Ending, Dying, Funeral, Loss, Grief, Mourning, Sadness, Ill Health
Scythe (Sense)
Untermann of Hawkbells
(Jack of Diamonds)
Flattery, Social Life, Pleasantness, Cordiality Etiquette, Politeness, Appreciation, Beauty, Art, An Unexpected Gift
Whip (Peitsche),
Broom (Besen)
Untermann of Acorns
(Jack of Clubs)
Accidents, Hasty Decisions, Danger, A Warning, Speed, Reckoning, A Decision that Cannot be Undone.
Birds (Vogeln),
Owl (Uhu)
7 of Hawkbells
(7 of Diamonds)
Conflict, Discussions, Arguments, Debate, Scolding, Opposition, Objection, Violence, Repetitive Actions, Sexual Behavior.
Child (Kind)
Untermann of Leaves
(Jack of Spades)
New Beginnings, Child, Toddler, Play, Inexperience, Innocence, Immaturity, Small, New, Vulnerable
Fox (Fuchs)
9 of Acorns
(9 of Clubs)
Selfishness, Self-Care, Trickery, Suspicion, Cunning, Caution (modern interpretations also can have 9-5 work as the main interpretation, i.e., 'what you do to feed your family')
Bear (Bär)
Panier of Acorns
(10 of Clubs)
Power, Leadership, Dominance, Influence, Short temper, Strength of character, Boss, Matriarch, Hirsute, a Body Builder or Over-weight Person
Star (Stern)
6 of Hearts
Hope, Inspiration, Optimism, Spirituality, Dreams, Progress to Goals 
Stork (Storch)
Obermann of Hearts
(Queen of Hearts)
Change, Transition, Movement, Recurrence, New Cycle, Yearning
Dog (Hund)
Panier of Hearts
(10 of Hearts)
Loyalty, Friendship, A Follower, Devotion, Obedience, Support
Tower (Tor)
6 of Leaves
(6 of Spades)
Authority, Solitude, Loneliness, Isolation, Aloofness, Ego, Arrogance
8 of Leaves
(8 of Spades)
Public Affairs, Society, Culture, Teamwork, Fame, Social Networks
8 of Acorns
(8 of Clubs)
Difficulties, Problems, Obstacles, Impairment, Hurdles, Struggles, Challenge
Obermann of Hawkbells
(Queen of Diamonds)
Choices, Many Opportunities, Travel, Separation, Hesitation, Decisions
Mouse / Mice
(Mäus / Mäuse)
7 of Acorns
(7 of Clubs)
Dwindling, Deficiency, Depletion, Destruction, Defect, Flaw, Disease
Heart (Herz)
Untermann of Hearts
(Jack of Hearts)
Love, Amicability, Romanticization, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Softness, Charity
Ring (Ring)
Daus of Acorns
(Ace of Clubs)
Commitment, Promise, Honor, Partnership, Cooperation, Cycles
Book (Buch)
Panier of Hawkbells
(10 of Diamonds)
Secrets, Knowledge, Education, Information, Research, Studies
Letter (Brief)
7 of Leaves
(7 of Spades)
Document, Email, Speech, Conversations, Expression, Information, Communication
Animus (Spirit)
Daus of Hearts
(Ace of Hearts)
If the Querent is Male: The Querent.
If the Querent is Female: Male in Querent’s Life (Male Friend, Partner, Family Member)
Anima (Spirit)
Daus of Leaves
(Ace of Spades)
If the Querent is Female: The Querent.
If the Querent is Male: Female in Querent’s Life (Female Friend, Partner, Family Member)
Lilies (Lilien)
König of Leaves
(King of Spades)
Sensuality, Sex, Virtue, Morality, Ethics, Wisdom
Sun (Sonne)
Daus of Hawkbells
(Ace of Diamonds)
Happiness, Victory, Success, Power, Warmth, Truth
Moon (Mond)
8 of Hearts
Subconscious, Intuition, Emotions, Fears, Desires, Fantasy
Key (Schlüssel)
8 of Hawkbells
(8 of Diamonds)
Openness, Revelation, Unlocking, Achievement, Liberation, Resolution
Fishes (Fische)
König of Hawkbells
(King of Diamonds)
Finances, Business, Wealth, Values, Gain, Abundance
Anchor (Anker),
Hope (Hoffnung)
9 of Leaves
(9 of Spades)
Stability, Restraint, Security, Resilience, Durability, Laying Foundations
Cross (Kreutz)
6 of Acorns
(6 of Clubs)
Duty, Conviction, Suffering, Burden, Intolerance, Principles, Indoctrination
I (Donna of typed this up for Barbara to put on our websites. I used the chart from wikiwand. You can go there to find the rules to the game.
Don't forget to research and learn more about Madame Lenormand. It's remarkably interesting.



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