Open Mindedness and Manifestation


Some say that open mindedness and manifestation are two different things, but they go hand in hand. It’s easy to say but harder to do. Of the two I would say that being open-minded is the hardest. We have presumptions and beliefs that stem from our childhood to our adulthood. Changing these takes a lot of work. What if you were taught as a child that being a different color or liking the same sex was wrong and you would go straight to hell? What if you were abused as a child and were still in that environment? How hard would it be to change those ways of life?

As a child I was raised with these beliefs, but I remember making a deal with myself that I didn’t want to raise my kids the same way I was raised. I wanted to be different. I have never believed in these things but sometimes I still hear the words in the back of my mind, and I have to say no.

Over and over, you have to tell yourself that you don’t want to be like that. Telling yourself that you want to be different. You want to see things the way Spirit does with no judgements. Everything is energy. At some level we are all the same. Be open to seeing people the way you would want to be seen and treated. Open your heart, mind, and spirit.

You wouldn’t want someone that you never met to sit in judgement of you because someone else put a bug in their ear, so why should you?

We hear the word manifestation, and we think of all the good things we could make come to us. What about the negative things we bring to us? How many negative things do we all think of every day? Some didn’t make the coffee, who didn’t do their dishes, why did someone park in my space, why didn’t they use their turn signal, why did they pull out in front of me, etc…the list goes on and on. How many of these can you connect with? How many more can you add?

In several of the classes I have taught, one of the things I do not allow my students to say is the phrase, “I can’t”. Every time I caught someone saying this, I would make them tell me three things they could do. Most don’t realize how many times we say things like this and in doing so we are manifesting negative energies. “I stubbed my toe so now I am going to have a terrible day.” Yes, you will because you have manifested those negative energies to come your way and because of this you will see all the negative things around you.

Instead, say things like, “It will be ok, It will get better, Now good things will come my way”. Bring on the good in life. See the positive things around you. See the beautiful vibrant colors around you, the way that baby smiled at you, be grateful for the person who let you out of the parking lot on this busy day. Find things, smile at someone, help a body out.

In doing these things we are manifesting an opening of the minds. Fake it till you make it is a great approach. At first you may not always mean it, but it will become a habit. Manifest it to be so, and so it shall be.

We often can use a little help with shedding of the day’s energies so let’s ask Archangel Michael to come and be with us now. See him how you feel he is showing himself to you. Let his beautiful blue colors shine all over the room or area you are in. We ask of him to sever all of the energies which we do not need. All loving energies will stay intact. We ask him to use his sword of light to sever the energies on all sides of us, above us and below us. Soak in his energies and we thank him for being with us now. And so, it is.

Now reach up and stretch and shake off any energies which you don’t want.


Now for questions.


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