Types of Divination

There are many forms of divination. This list is just a few.

                            You can divine with anything so try out something new and/or                                  make your own form that works for you. You never know unless you try. 

Abacomancy/Amathomancy – by dust
Acultomancy – by needles
Aeromancy - by atmospheric conditions
Agalmatomancy - by statues
Aichmomancy - by sharp objects
Ailuromancy/Aeluromancy - by cats
Alectormancy - by rooster sacrifice
Alectoromancy - by rooster behavior
Alectryomancy - through birds
Aleuromancy - with flour
Alomancy/Adromancy - by salt
Alphitomancy - by barley
Alveromancy - by sounds
Amathomancy - by sand
Ambulomancy - by walking
Amniomancy - by placenta
Anemoscopy/Anemomancy - by wind
Anthomancy - by flowers
Anthracomancy - by burning coal.
Anthroposcopy - by physical appearance
Apantomancy - by chance encounters with animals
Arachnomancy - by spiders
Archeomancy/Archaeomancy - by sacred relics
Ariolation - by altars
Arithmancy - by numbers
Astrology – reading astral stars.
Augury - by bird formations
Bark Dowsing – method of bark
Belomancy - by arrows
Bibliomancy - using a book.
Cartopedy - feet divination
Catoptromancy/Captromancy/Enoptromancy - by mirrors
Celontes - mystical stone
Cephalomancy/Craniognomy - by skulls
Ceroscopy - using wax on water.
Cheirognomy/Chirognomy - by hands
Cheiromancy/Chiromancy/Palmistry/Palm reading - by palms
Cineromancy/Ceneromancy - by the ashes of a specifically sacrificial or ritual fire
Cledon – hearing someone else’s reading that means something to you.
Cleidomancy - by use of a suspended key
Communigraph - mechanical communication with spirits
Cromniomancy - by onions
Crows - Individual making use of another individual's resources
Crystal gazing - by reflective objects
Dactylomancy - with rings
Daphnomancy - with laurel branches
Dermography - psychic phenomenon of skin writing
Djemscheed - a divination cup
Dowsing - an old method of divination
Eromancy - using air & water.
Gastromancy/Crystallomancy/Spheromancy/Crystal ball gazing - by crystal ball
Geomancy – sand divination and can also be by land formations
Graphology - handwriting analysis
Gyromancy - determine what to do by walking around a circle of letters.
Hippomancy- by horse behavior
Hydatoscopy – by rainwater
Hydromancy/Ydromancy - the effects on tea leaves or coffee grounds when they are put into or taken out of water.
I-Ching - an ancient Chinese system of oracular divination
Ichthyomancy - by fish behavior
Ifá - geomancy patterns generated with palm nuts, opele, cowrie shells, etc...
Iridology - by eye color
Isopsephy - by numbers and letters
Jyotish - Vedic system of astrology
Kabbalah/Qabalah/Cabala - by the Kabbalah
Kau cim - by bamboo
Kayu ura - by rice gruel
Kephalonomancy - burning carbon on the head of an ass while reciting names of suspected criminals.
Knissomancy - by incense
Labiomancy - by lips
Lampadomancy - by the flame of a candle, lamp, or torch
Lampadomancy- by flame
Lecanomancy - throwing stones into water.
Lecanomancy/Lecanoscopy - by a basin of water
Letnomancy - by secrets
Libanomancy - by smoke or ash from incense
Literomancy - by a letter in a written language
Lithomancy - by gems or stones
Logarithmancy - by logarithms
Logomancy - by words
Lots - divination through chance, or the drawing or tossing of lots.
Lychnomancy - by candle flame
Lychnomancy - by candles
Macharomancy - by swords or knives
Macromancy - by large objects
Maculomancy- by spots on the skin
Mahjong divination - by Mahjong tiles
Margaritomancy - by bouncing pearls.
Mathemancy - by mathematics
Mazomancy - by nursing
Meconomancy - by sleeping.
Megapolisomancy - by large cities
Meilomancy/Moleosophy - by blemishes and/or moles
Metagnomy - by magic
Meteormancy - by meteors
Meteoromancy - by thunder and lightning
Metoposcopy/Metopomancy - by the lines of the forehead
Micromancy - by small objects
Mirror Scrying – scrying with a black mirror
Molybdomancy - by dripping metal into water.
Molybdomancy - by molten metal
Moromancy - by foolishness
Myomancy - by rodent behavior
Myrmomancy - by ant behavior
Narcomancy - by sleep
Necromancy - by speaking to the dead, by corpses.
Necyomancy - by summoning damned souls.
Nephomancy/Cloudomancy - by clouds
Nggàm - by spider or crab behavior
Nigromancy - by black magic
Notarikon/Netrikon - by initials
Numerology – by number patterns
Numismatomancy - by coins
Oculomancy- by eyes
Odontomancy - by teeth
Oenomancy/Oinomancy - by wine
Ololygmancy - by the howling of dogs
Omphalomancy - by navels
Oneiromancy/Oneiroscopy - by dreams
Onomancy/Onomomancy/Onomancy - by letters in a name
Onychomancy/Onymancy/Onimancy - by fingernails and toenails
Oomancy – by egg whites
Ophidiomancy/Ophiomancy - by snakes’ behavior
Ornithomancy - bird patterns
Orimancy - by urine
Oromancy - by mountains
Orticariaomancy - by itches
Oryctomancy - by minerals
Osteomancy - by bones
Ouija/Ouije/Psychography - by Ouija board
Ovomancy - by poached eggs
Pagtatawas - by reading melted alum.
Pallomancy - by pendulums
Papyromancy - by folding paper, especially paper money
Pecthimancy/Petchimancy - by brushed cloth
Pegomancy – by spring water
Pegomancy - by fountains
Pessomancy - with pebbles or beans marked with symbols.
Phallomancy – reading of a man’s appendage/swing of the phallus.
Phobomancy - by feelings of fear
Photomancy - by fields of light
Phrenology/Organoscopy - by the configuration of one's brain.
Phyllomancy - by leaves
Phyllorhodomancy - with rose leaves
Phyllorhodomancy - by rose petals.
Physiognomy – face reading
Phytognomy - by the appearance of plants
Pilimancy - by observing the patterns produced by a collection of human hair.
Plastromancy - by cracks formed by heat on a turtle's plastron.
Plumbomancy - by observing shapes molten lead makes when poured in water.
Pneumancy - by blowing.
Podomancy/Pedomancy/Cartopedy - by the soles of one's feet.
Poe divination - by throwing stones on the floor, practiced at Taoist temples.
Portenta/Ostenta) - study of natural phenomena
Psephomancy - by lots or ballots
Pseudomancy - by false means
Psychognomy - by phrenological notations
Ptarmoscopy/Ptarmoscopie - interpretation of sneezes
Pyromancy/Pyroscopy - by fire
Radiesthesia - by rods, pendulums, or other cylindrical tools
Retromancy - by looking over one's shoulder.
Rhabdomancy/Rabdomancy - by rods, sticks, or wands
Rhapsodomancy - by poetry
Roadomancy - by constellations
Rumpology/Natimancy - by buttocks
Scapulimancy/Scapulomancy/Spatulamancy/Omoplatoscopy - by bovine or caprid shoulder blades
Scarpomancy - by old shoes
Scatomancy - by excrement
Schematomancy - by the face
Sciomancy/Shadowmancy - by shadows
Sciomancy - by spirits
Scrying - by gazing
Selenomancy - by the moon
Shell Scrying - the art of reading shells
Shufflemancy - use of a media player where one skips a certain number of songs and the lyrics and/or tune of the song is the answer to the question.
Sideromancy - by burning straw with an iron.
Sikidy - by drawing sixteen lines in sand.
Skatharomancy - by beetle tracks
Slinneanachd/Slinnanacht - by animal shoulder blades
Smoke Scrying - used by the Indians.
Solaromancy - by the sun
Somatomancy - by the human form
Sortilege - by the casting of lots, or sorts
Spasmatomancy - by convulsions
Spatilomancy - by animal excrement
Sphondulomancy - by spindles
Splanchnomancy - with goat liver
Spodomancy - by soot
Stareomancy - by the four elements
Stercomancy - by seeds in bird excrement
Sternomancy - by ridges on the breastbone
Stigonomancy - by burning writing onto bark.
Stolisomancy - by fashion
Styramancy - by observing patterns produced by chewing gum, gum wax, or products produced by the L. styraciflua tree.
Sycomancy - by fig leaves
Symbolomancy - by things found on the road.
Tasseography/Tasseomancy/Kypomancy) - by tea leaves or coffee grounds
Technomancy - by technology
Tephramancy/Tephromancy - by tree bark ashes, by sacrificial or ritual fire ashes
Theomancy - foretelling events, prophecy
Theriomancy/Zoomancy - by animal behavior
Thumomancy - by one's own soul, presage.
Tiromancy - interpret the holes or mold in cheese.
Topomancy - by geography and geological formations
Transataumancy - by things accidentally seen or heard.
Trochomancy - by wheel ruts
Turifumy - by shapes in smoke
Umbilicomancy - by umbilical cords
Umbromancy - by shade
Uranomancy/Ouranomancy - by the sky
Vastu Shastra - East Indian version of feng shui geomancy
Videomancy - by films
Xenomancy - by strangers
Xylomancy - by the shape or texture of wood, or the appearance of burning wood.


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