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Color is everywhere. It’s in ever day life, chakras, spell work and so on. It’s in aura’s, feelings, and other things of the nonphysical world. Color even has a frequency in energies. Learning about color is a great way to navigate through life.
The color chart below can be used anywhere and with anything you want. When learning Wicca, I found all kinds of charts and it depended on if it was visual, candles or the type of magics that you were using as to what color chart you used. And let’s not even talk about months, days of the week, Gods, Goddesses and so on.
Least to say, I got bombarded and didn’t know which way to go. And my question was, why were there different charts? If you used green for financial in a spell but had to use blue for candle healing? I was pulled to use green for both. And so, my intuition became my guide for colors.
I use the one below for everything unless my intuition and/or spirit guide tells me different. It doesn’t matter if you are picking colors for clothing, candles, or auras. Keep it simple.
Let’s say you have a test coming up and you just are not sure if you are going to be up for it. Try lighting a yellow candle. Not feeling very well, then light a green candle for healing. Want to get a job, try lighting an orange candle for attraction.
If nothing else, then light a white candle. White is the combination of colors. White is like a clear quartz crystal or sage; good for anything. If you feel the need, you can wrap a glass candle with colored paper or write on the white candle with an appropriate colored marker with words and/or symbols.
Where white is a good color to bring things into your life, black is good to take things away. Black gets a bad reputation, but all things have their dark and light side. To get rid of nervous energy, negative vibrations or even just to meditate, black is the color to reach for.
Let’s say you want clarity on your path. Blue and Purple are good colors for this and maybe add a touch of yellow for clarity. You could wear these colors. You could put these colors on your desk in the form of flowers, post it notes pads, candles, stones, or just whatever you are called to. Look for signs which might point you in the way of where you are going.
Let’s say you keep seeing red popping out at you all day. This could be your root chakra talking to you. Maybe you are being a little too impulsive today or your immune system may be out of whack. Watch the signs. Once you start working with colors, they can be very helpful in your life.
Do you see colors around people? This is their aura. Learning colors and seeing peoples’ auras can be very beneficial. This is a good way to tell what kind of day that person is having. And remember that aura colors change. It depends on what is going on in that person’s life or how they are feeling. I know one lady who can tell your zodiac by the color she sees around you. So, remember there are a lot of ways to see colors and what they will mean.
I usually use green for healing, yet I know a couple of people who use blue. This is what works for them. I also use green for growth and finance. I stopped using green for healing when I got cervical cancer because even though the cancer was gone, I didn’t want it to grow back. Now I use reds and oranges mostly on myself especially around the root chakra. Experiment and see what works for you. There is always more than one way to do anything.
I want each of you to pick one color. Write down what it is, what it is for, and what you see during this week. Next week we can go over what each of you received.
Here is a listing of the color chart I use mostly. Now like I said, please use whatever color calls to you for what you are doing. I use this one when a color does not jump out at me. Often when I go to do something a color will come into my head. That is the color I will use. If not, then I go to my chart and pick the color that seems like it will be the best one to use.
I hope this helps and please do use this chart if it works for you.
Red – Fire, Passion, Energy, Heat, Love, Survival, 1st Root Chakra
Orange – Energy, Creative inspiration, Vitality, Attraction, 2nd Sacral or Navel Chakra
Yellow – Air, Sun, Energy, Intellect, Creativity, Clarity, Confidence, 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra
Green – Earth, Healing, Financial, Fertility, Prosperity, Renewal, 4th Heart Chakra
Blue – Water, Calming, Cleansing, Direction, Peace, Expansion, Pathway, 5th Throat Chakra
Purple – Spirituality, Meditation, Protection, Pathway, 6th Third eye or Brow Chakra
White – Soul, Spiritual, Purity, Ethral, All purpose, 7th Crown or Top Chakra
Pink - Friendship, New love, Inquiries, Protective healing
Black – Mediation, Repelling negativity, Divination, Protection, Grounding
Brown – Grounding, Earth Magics, Animals, Hearth & Home
Silver – Lunar & Goddess Magics, Psychic works
Gold – Sun & God Magics, Mundane magics


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