Colors and Numerology

These are the ones we went over in the chat, and I did add in the Archangels as well.
       They may change over time and if you find they do for you please let us know. It might work better for someone else as well.                  As in anything, things change.
Find what works for you and then please share it on our Vibe Facebook page. See ya' there!

1 – Red
Archangel Ariel
Starting Something New: The beginning, ambition, energetic, determined, focused, independent, go-getter, brave, original, driven, and leadership.
2 – Turquois
Archangel Sandalphon
Partnership With Others: Gentle, harmonious, supportive, considerate, sensitive, tactful, cooperative, loving, vulnerable, and sincere.
3 – Yellow/Gold – Peridot
Archangel Uriel
Creativity and Enthusiasm: Artistic, creative, inspiring, imaginative, young at heart, confident, optimistic, enthusiastic, playful, joyful, insightful, communication, and fun.
4 – Lt. Green
Archangel Chamuel
Stability and Practicality: Secure, scientific, rigid, structured, systematic, patient, practical, predictable, methodical, brilliant in business, trustworthy, organizational, and detail oriented.
5 – Orange
Archangel Gabriel
Change and Freedom: Visionary, spiritual, sensual, adventurous, explorer, constant change, dynamic, promoter, traveler, endlessly curious, insists on freedom, and adaptable.
6 – Royal Blue
Archangel Michael
Relationships and Compassion: Responsible, nurturing, teacher, selfless, loving, parental, dutiful, self-sacrificing, domestic, caring, sympathetic, healer, and respectful.
7 – Purple
Archangel Jeremiel
Inner Searching and Exploration: Wise, scholar, analytical, charming, studious, scientific, meditative, focused, introvert, hermit, meditative, intuition, and spiritual.
8 – Deep Fusha Pink
Archangel Jophiel
Vision and Prosperity: Visionary, business oriented, prosperous, ambitious, controlling, political, successful, insightful, powerful, and a leader.
9 – Green
Archangel Raphiel
Purpose and Selflessness: Humanitarian, philosopher, idealist, healer, self- sacrificing, kind, giving, writer, creative, artistic, and completion.


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