Chakras and Meditation

Chakra’s, Sanskrit for the word vortex or wheel, are the energy centers in our bodies. They correspond to the nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body which affects our emotional and physical being. Research says that there are 114 different chakras but there are a major seven of which we work with mostly. These energy centers are located along the spine from the base to the top of our head.
They are not physical in nature but exist on an energy level similar to our auric field but not as dense. The endocrine and nervous system are connected to each of the chakras known as the plexus. What you perceive and experience relates to one of the chakras. If you are stressed out it is recorded in one of the corresponding chakras. Which is then detected by the nerves of the plexus and then transmitted to that part of the body which the plexus controls. If this is continued, then physical symptoms will appear.
Once it appears the physical body will acknowledge this and if it is not healed it will react with physical ailments. When we understand what is happening, we can begin the healing process. Hopefully before the physical symptoms appear. 
When working with chakras, surround yourself with the color you are working on. You can use anything. For example: red socks, orange T-shirt, yellow roses, green underwear, blue bandana, purple post-it's, or even eat white foods. When you know you need to ground then eat some red foods. Anything that works for you. Also, if a color keeps showing itself to you then check out your chakras and see there has been something bothering you and act accordingly.
Feel out how your chakras are turning. If it is turning inward and you have been around negative people, you are bringing that energy into you. It's time to go to work and get that negativity out of you. See it spinning out and a good meditation could help a lot. Feel it out!
Below is a listing of each of the seven chakras. Some stones and colors are interchangeable according to your belief system. Do what feels right for you.
Root - Red
Located at the base of the spine.
Gland(s): Adrenal
Stones are Bloodstone, Garnet, Obsidian, etc…
When aligned, it stabilizes, grounds, and secures our physical bodies.
Uncared for can cause issues such as arthritis, bladder or colon issues, insecurity, etc...
Sacral – Orange
Located just below the belly button.
Gland(s): Ovaries, Prostate, and Testicles.
Stones are Carnelian, Calcite, Ruby, etc…
When aligned it is associated with our emotional body, sexuality, and creativity.
Uncared for it can cause issues with lower back pain, impotency, urinary tract infections, etc…
Solar Plexus – Yellow
Located around the stomach area.
Gland(s): Spleen
Stones are Citrine, Amber, Yellow Calcite, etc…
When aligned it can help manifest our goals, self-esteem, and strength.
Uncared for it can cause issues with ulcers, eating disorders, heartburn, etc…
Heart– Green
Located around the heart.
Gland(s): Thymus
Stones are Aventurine, Peridot, emerald, etc…
When aligned it can help with love, connection with others, and expression.
Uncared for it can cause issues with weight issues, asthma, insecurity, etc…
Throat – Blue
Located at the throat.
Gland(s): Thyroid
Stones are Turquoise, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, etc…
When aligned it can help with communication, gossip, and any mouth issues.
Uncared for it can cause issues with trouble speaking you mind, mouth and throat problems, communication, etc…
Third Eye – Purple
Located centered just above the eyes.
Gland(s): Pituitary
Stones are Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, etc…
When aligned it can help with ESP, inner visions, and intuitions.
Uncared for it can cause issues with headaches, hearing loss, sight, etc…
Crown – White
Located on the top of the head.
Gland(s): Pineal
Stones are Quartz Crystal, Selenite, Diamond, etc…
When aligned it can help with all chakras, organs and systems, enlightenment, and wisdom.
Uncared for it can cause issues with narrowmindedness, stubbornness, skepticism, etc…

Chakra Meditation

By Donna

Get into a comfortable position and make sure that you will not be interrupted.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself walking through a wooded area full of plants, trees, and flowers. At the beginning of a pathway, you see an archway that is very inviting. Walk over to it and go through the entrance. As you enter you start to feel a stirring below at the base of your spine. Ahead you see a vast array of flowers and you see their colors. There is every color imaginable.

You start to walk, and all the flowers turn a beautiful shade of red. Feel yourself open up to them, absorb their essence. Feel their beauty and color energies wash over you. Automatically you can feel yourself growing stronger.

As you continue walking, feel the colors change and align your chakras. Let yourself open up to these stirrings. Each set of flowers turns the appropriate chakra color to their vibrational healing energies.

Another stirring happens just below your navel area and these flowers turn a wonderful shade of orange. Their smell reminds you of freshly cut oranges as they flow through your nostrils. It is very cleansing and uplifting.

With the stirring just above your navel now, the flowers turn a warming shade of yellow. It’s as beautiful as the rising sun on a spring morning, and it fills you with a sense of power that is awe inspiring.

The next stirring is in your heart and the flowers glow with a shade of green that exudes a feeling of healing. You feel like you did the first time you fell in love. You feel the opening of your pathways both physically and spiritually.

You go to the blue flowers and your throat begins to stir. They seem to sing to you, telling quiet little secrets that your inner being is familiar with. Listen while your inner voice becomes attuned with their song.

Over at the next section of flowers is a vibrating purple array of flowers that stirs your third eye. Knowings just seem to flow to you. You have been here before and you feel the familiarity with the knowing. Listen to what they have to say.

The white flowers just seamlessly come to you and float above your head. They extend from the top of your head and float into the Ethral. Let yourself ascend with the flowers and look at the beautiful array of colors at your feet. You can feel your chakras automatically aligning themselves and you feel serene, weightless, and exuberant.

Lower yourself down and begin to walk back through the flowers to the archway. You can feel your chakra points calming down and adjusting themselves.

Slowly open your eyes and feel the balance within. You feel at peace within yourself. Shake off any extra energies and see it going back to Mother Earth to make more flowers.

I used the meditation music on YouTube from 432Hz Celtic Music: The Most Magical Fairy Place You’ll Ever Visit @

From Tara Jamesson on Chakra Sounds

(Repeat sounds at least 7 times in chant)
1 Root
2 Sacral
3 Solar Plex
4 Heart
5 Throat
6 Third eye
7 Crown
white or clear crystal
Hz 396
Hz 417
Hz 528
Hz 639
Hz 741
Hz 852
Hz 963
Also, someone who can feel chakra's can run their hand without touching from root up can feel which are blocked. It also gives a person an energy rush. So, if you like to make someone feel better just run your hand upwards from bottom of back up to head. In one quick swoosh, I also like to use a tuning fork to help alignment with the vibrations it makes run thru the body


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