Basic Altar setup     Basic Circle directions     My Gateway representations


 Basic Altar setup

No one altar is better than another. They are usually all created in unique styles, depending on what occasion they are being used for. To the right is a basic setup but you may not want a Goddess and God association. Sometimes I set them up for just the elements, an altar of the dead or for the Esbats.
You choose what is right for you. Listen to your intuition. Don't let anyone tell you what is right or wrong for you. Use this guide if you wish or create your own. It's all up to you. 
Have fun!

Basic Circle directions

My Gateway Representations

I get asked, 'why do I start in the East'? Well, this is how I look at it. Just thought I would share. Let me know what you think. 

East is where the sun rises. We choose our life, and we communicate our intentions.
South is from our passions. From love we are created into the physical.
West is where the sunsets. We meditate, learn and gain wisdom.
North is where we ground and prepare so we can rise into the center.
Center is where we lift our energies back into the Ethral to share our journey.


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