The Basics of Tarot


01 The Magician


The Fool starts out on his journey and meets the Magician. The Magician represents action, creativity, and the masculine side of life. His is of our conscious awareness.
His one hand points to the sky while the other hand points to the ground. He is the bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms while he manifests to the physical realm. This is where we learn that we can manifest things into this realm.
His white robe symbolizes purity, where is red cloak symbolizes experience and knowledge. On the table he has the suits which symbolize the elements. These are his tools for manifesting. Above his head, is the figure 8 which symbolizes infinity, the snake on the ground is for unlimited potential and the flowers are for aspiration.
The Fool learns that these tools can help him to manifest his desires and wishes. We can do the same thing by getting clear headed about the what’s and why’s, and then use the tools to manifest our desires. Just remember the mental (air), spiritual (fire), emotional (water), and physical (earth).



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